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Montessori Studies

Montessori helps transform children through a series of developmental periods. The focus of Montessori education changes continuously with the needs and interests of each child. Learners are prepared for life in an educational and social environment where each child is challenged to become self-motivated learners by developing qualities of self-worth, order, concentration, coordination and independence.

Admission Requirements

Pre-K and Kindergarten Admission Requirements: All Pre-K age 3 and Pre-K age 4 students along with kindergarten students are eligible for admission based on available seats. They must be school ready and able to abide by school policies and expectations as indicated in “Behavioral Expectation Student Contract”, which will be distributed upon acceptance. Students must be three or four years old on or before July 31 to qualify for Pre-K. Kindergarten students must turn five on or before August 31. Returning students and siblings of current families are given preference for seating. Pre-K age 3 students entering Pre-K age 4 MUST REAPPLY for the next school year. Pre-K age 4 students entering kindergarten will automatically roll up to the next grade year. All new parents will be required to attend a mandatory Montessori informational meeting before the beginning of school.

Admission Requirements (Grades 1 – 6): Previous Montessori experience is required for admission to first through sixth grades. Families must attend a parent meeting upon the student’s acceptance to the program.

"We selected Border Star because our children had attended a daycare that followed the Montessori method and we believed it would be a good transition for them. We also were impressed by the independence given to students and the warmth that we felt while touring the building.”

The Bender Family

Border star students in honor choir